The Drums.


We with Issi are going to the Drums gig tonight. Personally I haven’t seen them live before, don’t really know what to expect.  Have heard that in live they are really shit, but don’t want to judge them before actually seeing them.:) Just remember that before they got all popular and so,  I heard Let’s Go Surfing & I Felt Stupid on Blalock’s monthly playlist and really liked them. Then they got so popular, could see their posters glued on the building walls in the lovely New X. My personal favourite from the album must be Me and the Moon, which now is also the single, sounds so 80s and I absolutely like the end bit of the song. 🙂 Haven’t looked much what are their future plans, but lets (or not) hope they are not the few hit band that will dissapear somewhere after this tour. And lets see if they are really so vain, bad and etc. in the gig. 🙂

Agnese xoxox

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