Cold tea.

Yello! :]

As Issi wrote earlier, the Drums were indeed very sweet and I really, really liked them. Such a great setlist, so much energy,  fun, emotions, them thanking London all the time, sweet! Also, they were a real eye candy, very handsome guys. I’m sure they know that and care much what they are wearing, how they look. In my opinion it’s just great that an artist also create himself visually, think of how the audience would observe him, appearance is very important if you are performing for so many people, and I very much dislike when a band comes on a stage dressed up in the usual clothes, feels a bit like disrespect for the people who have payed quite of the money to see you. Maybe I’m wrong, but anyway, here are some artists I think are/were really great in creating their stage persona:

Of course, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, who obviously has influenced such contemporary musicians like Lady Gaga,

Also very interesting outfits seem to have Fever Ray:



And many many other artists of course. It is just visually more interesting to look at someone at the gig who has put lot of effort in the way to look interesting, although of course the music is primary factor to go to gig. 😀

Amaaaaaaaaaazing clothes! =D And a bit random, but Patrick Wolf is having two gigs in December, but the tickets are sold out! Noooooo. 😦

xoxoXoxxXXX Ag.

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