Sexy Drums.


So as Agnese said, we went to see The Drums tonight. They were BRILLIANT, they played all our favourite songs and gave an awesomely energetic performance, and we both left the venue grinning madly and very happy. I won’t say too much more about the gig now, as I’m halfway through writing a review of it for the London Student newspaper which *fingers crossed* might get published! If it does perhaps I’ll stick it up here.

I’m hoping I can do some more gig-reviewing, both for “work experience” and just for getting to see cool bands for free.

Here is the video of my favourite Drums song. It was the song that got me into them about a year ago, and ended up being the soundtrack to a couple of really nice months. At this point it must be said, they really are rather aesthetically pleasing…

In other news, ADAM and JOE are coming to to our earwaves for a Christmas Special!! >>

Hoorah! But wait…am I hearing right? Is their LAST EVER SHOW?

I will be genuinely saddened if they are to disappear off the radio. Listening to their show is one of my favourite things to do. Little else makes me laugh so much (usually in an embarrassingly loud way when I’m listening somewhere public and quiet) and inspires so much affection in me.

Say it isn’t so Adam and Joe!!

On a lighter note, here is a video of Nicholas Cage “losing his shit”, multiple times. It made me laugh a LOT.

Ciao! xxx

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