Today London had its first snow this winter. My window blinds were closed, so I had no idea that outside would be such a beautiful weather. Woke up at around 10 am due to being out yesterday till quite late, so my plan waking up early and start following a healthy daily routine (haha) kind of failed. Switched on 6 music on my laptop and clicked on facespace to see if the world hasn’t changed too much while sleeping, and read 1133131112. statuses about snow! Was suprised and so opened the blinds to see if there is snow, and YAY. There it was, huge snowflakes all over the garden, in the air, on rooftops, so beautiful! :)) Didn’t expect to see so much snow here! Was so happy and it so reminded me of being home. At home, in so far away Latvia, in the North Europe (yes, North), we usually have snow from the end of October till about April, May, so I’m used to have lots of snow and cold weather, but in London, the climate of course is much more different. The usual weather at home in this time of year usually is – knee high snow and minus up to 20’C degrees, so you can imagine a difference between the weathers!:D It’s I guess crazy, but I love winters like that, even if it’s so cold and you can’t feel your legs or anything, everything is so peaceful and beautiful (Yeah, very good argument lololol). Like the best thing today probably was going with my friend to the backyard of RHB and seeing snowmen and how nice everything looked from the last floor of Student Union. And then it turned into slush, but it doesn’t matter. Hopefully tomorrow or anytime soon snow will come back to New Cross.:) Ahhh, just love such weather – snow=happy Agnese.

In such cool weather and so, just want to watch Home Alone under billions of duvets, with hot chocolate (because I’m so cool *cough* not *cough*).

And after Home Alone, of course :D, watch other Christmassy films with such great atmosphere and so on 🙂


Much love and snow,


4 responses to “Snow.

  1. If it’s still snowing by next tuesday I heard down the grapevine the film night in the SU will be showing the Home Alone Films?

  2. Yes, It should be very popular. whether or not I’ll be going in my pyjamas is a different story!
    The gardening society are also making cakes for it, I think.

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