Golden Sea


Hello yello.:)

I know, I know, I’m so cool and all that for being in bed already at 1 am on a Friday night, but it’s rather tiring to have 9 am lecture (to which I didn’t go in the end, boo) and to be at school till 3 pm on Fridays. Not that I complain, being in a warm room with a hot green tea on my bed table, yellow vanilla candle and fairy lights on the floor (1 pound shop in Lewisham = win, on the floor, because looked kind of ugly when tried to attach them to a wall, because can’t put them by the window :D) – so peaceful. Couldn’t really do anything much today anyway, because of the migraine in my left side of head (urgh, hope soon they will find out what exactly causes it and the proper medicine will be made). 😦

But since came back from uni, have been listening to so amazing December playlist by Josh Blalock. His playlists are real gems in every month putting together interesting and new indie music since 2006 (?) – at least so old playlists I have in my computer.:) So many new bands he and now other people as well, has/have found and included in the playlists long time before they were known, now are popular – like Teen Daze, The Drums, Glasser, etc. Definitely my favourite source of getting new and beautiful music. Check him out here: Also, the art for every month is different and very cute:

Also, tonight watched tv and we saw that Justin Bieber is on Graham Norton show (have seen it once in my life), so thought would be interesting to see what he would say and so.  To be honest, I don’t know any of his songs, apart of the ‘Baby, baby, baby, oooh’ 😀 and don’t know much about him. They were talking that he is the most googled person in the world, so it was interesting, because like me, not knowing anything about him, just that so many people hate him, he’s so popular, but I know only one song and don’t even know the tittle of it. To be fair, he seemed like a normal 16year old kid, so I don’t understand why people so don’t like him, of course, I’m judging that from this one interview, so maybe he’s like very bad and so on, but hm. Just searching for him on youtube, can see that his video has been watched 400 millions of times and the highest rated comment is: ”

THUMBS UP THIS FUCKING COMMENT SO PEOPLE CAN READ!!!! BITCHES!!!! justin bieber is a manipulated freak that sucks [..]”

WTF. Maybe there is some hidden reason why everyone should hate him, but why, if you so hate the guy, waste the time to look for his video  to write such a hateful and idiotic comment? Why do  you think you are any better than him, what has he done to hate him, why people judge him so much? Yes, I’m not a fan of his music and of course he is just a tool in a huge bussiness, but why can’t just ignore him if so don’t like him. He’s just some random 16 years old kid who has been lucky/unlucky to be a part of that all. Can’t think of any other arguments at the moment, so tired haha, but really, why so much hate, why so many negative assumptions and so on without even knowing him, how can judge with such a passionate hate someone you don’t even know personally. I guess it is/was cool to hate Bieber , but like really, why people write/say so many mean things about him.

Not that I like/dislike the Bieber kid, just don’t understand why can’t just ignore him if dislike so much. Even if you hate him, but still go to his videos on youtube,you make him and his record company more wealthy – apparently when you reach one million viewers,you start earning with every view after that.

Ok, will stop my half as sleep blabber, waking up tomorrow at 8 for library ><, night,night reader.

Have a good weakend!:) xx

<— New ‘The Drums’? So Awesome.<3

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