The return of Cats on Toast!


Good evening Cats on Toastians! Myself and Agnese are back on the airwaves, hoorah!!

We had our first proper show this Monday, rather fittingly centred around the theme of cats and of toast. It was a little shambolic (we hope in a charming way) and featured meowing and in-depth discussion of toast, with groovy music to soundtrack. We had a great time and are excitedly planning our next show; if you missed Monday’s show you can download a recording of it here:


Sorry it’s not great quality, maybe skip the first few minutes, it gets better after that! We had a few issues with the recording equipment, should be sorted for next time.

Have a listen and let us know what you think, in the meantime here is a baby giraffe from the internetz.

I just found these awesome Then and Now pictures too. I love old photos, I love dressing up, I love this.

One more thing, the awesome new single from The Go! Team, featuring Bethany from Best Coast. I went to their in-store performance at Rough Trade East on Monday, they sounded like kids tv and magic and were a lot of fun.

Remember to listen live next week 5pm – 6pm on Monday, Goldsmiths people look out for possibly Twilight-themed posters around campus!

Lots of love, Issi xxx

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