Just a couple of kooks.





Have some Bowie.

This week the theme of our show was NATURE, because being (sort of) country girls we love a bit of nature. We discussed our favourite natural places and tried to think of a few in London too, and of course played some groovy (and some questionable) music. I shall intersperse this post with some of my photos of lovely nature in Bath.

Baby Cow

I love baby cows

I *think* I have managed to upload the recording of the show to Megaupload, so you can click the link and download it if you missed us this week (for free of course!)


Do let me know if it works for you, it would be even better if I could figure out how to put a music player thing on the page…


Baltimora – Tarzan Boy [PLEASE check out the video, it is fantastic]

Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill

Prince – I would die 4 U

I’m from Barcelona – Treehouse

Depeche Mode – People are People


Wordsworth’s Daffodils – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKej4AHnyH0&feature=related

Siouxie and the Banshees – Dear Prudence

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

David Hassellhoff – Jump in my car

The Cure – Lovecats

GO WEST! – Pet Shop Boys (but it got cut off, booo!!!)

Sunset over Weston

Sunset over Bath

In other news, Cats on Toast has been nominated for an AWARD!! Woohoo!! Thanks Wired!!

YOU CAN VOTE FOR US HERE: >> http://www.goldsmithssu.org/yourunion/student_awards_2011

me in my natural habitat.

We have also had a couple of nice mentions this week, firstly over at Goldsmith’s own The Slip: http://slipgoldsmiths.wordpress.com/2011/02/09/gsu-student-awards-2011

and secondly a lovely review of Cats on Toast by Sami over at Drowning in Designer Ice Cream:


And here is a picture of my cat.



love Issi xxx

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