Hello, hello reader!

Hope you have had a good week and this Sunday evening isn’t too bad.  For me this week has been pretty okayish I guess and wow, our Cats on Toast is nominated for the Student Awards 2011! Thank you Goldsmiths! That is pretty awesome considering the fact that our main aim is not to take the show too seriously, but have fun and hopefully make it also interesting to listen for others. So – thank you again for like nominating us!:-D

Tomorrow’s show theme is….. *drum roll* ….. anti Valentines day! How original yesyes. To me personally Valentines day doesn’t mean anything really. I don’t hate it or love it, I guess it’s nice that there is one special day when it’s dedicated to celebrate love and what not. But on the other hand, like everyone else always says- who needs a special day to show your love and so on if you can/could do that every day. But of course, it’s kind of nice that there is this especially dedicated day to celebrate it. I don’t even know what is my point. Yeah. Anyway, been looking for the songs to play tomorrow and as a result I’m listening to the songs of the time when I was like 12-15:

(2001 Tom Delonge 4 ever and ever!!!)

Didn’t they tour now and so? My teenager’s dream would be fulfilled to see them live!:D

The times when every girl in school tried to look like her. 😀

and of course the times when I had huge obsession of placebo. Still love them so much! Have seen them live three times, but still the ultimate favorite is 2006 (?) Latvia’s gig when me and my friend queued outside the venue since 6 am to be in the first row (where in the end I wasn’t, because some big girl pushed me out haha). Placebo’s music pretty much sums up how I was like few years ago, probably the most influential band/music in my life so far.

So interesting that people can find their comfort, etc in music!

This week also went to Larry Clark’s (“Kids” 1995) exhibition’s opening ‘What do you do for fun?’ at the Simon Lee Gallery with Goldsmiths Photography society and it was so interesting and inspiring! It’s on till the 2nd April and would really suggest to go and see it.

‘Larry Clark holds a seminal position in American photography. Widely known for his treatment of teenage sexuality, violence and drug use, Clark’s contentious photographs and films are simultaneously unimaginable and unforgettable. This exhibition presents new collages as well as classic works for the first time in the UK.’  http://freeartlondon.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/larry-clark-what-do-you-do-for-fun/

More information: http://www.i-donline.com/i-spy/larry-clark-what-do-you-do-fun

On Friday went to really awesome punk band’s from Brooklyn – Japanther’s gig organised by Upset The Rhythm ( http://www.upsettherhythm.co.uk/ ) Quite long time hadn’t been to a gig where it was so much of energy, joy and so on (my English is so limited boo). People were dancing on the stage around the band and moshing, and despite me having a bad day, I was so happy after the gig. Definitely check them out, they were really really cool! http://www.myspace.com/officialjapanther 🙂

Hope you have a good next week and of course -> listen to Cats on Toast tomorrow at 5 pm. And from tomorrow you will be able to see the new posters of our show, so have a look and if you see some really weird poster saying something about cats and toasts, you know it’s us!:D

Much love and chocolate. xx

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