Reading Week.



Wazup peeps.

Hope your reading week has been good. For non Goldsmithers – Reading week is week off the uni here at Goldsmiths, when you’re supposed to do work, before handing the essays in the next week or something like that! This week Cats on Toast had no show because of that, but on Monday, it returns, with amazing theme: ANIMALS. Yes!

[because that is what I’m doing – watching that at 9:58pm in library..]

Anyways,  I saw a really cool article about the alternatives on what to do and see in London.

I personally liked the most and will go there in future:

The Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park, seems like a beautiful place and definitely have to go there if you have the same feeling like me: missing nature, some fresh air and just want to see something different than every day life. At the moment I have that feeling when every day is the same, every day is like one long day without end, just like some song on repeat for hours, days and months. Actually, some week or so ago, when I was going to coursemates place, in a bus to there (somewhere in Peckham), I saw really cool park with a small lake (?), looked very nice. So if you need some bit of the nature and don’t want to go to Greenwich or anywhere else, but closer to New X (if you live here of course), go there!:D Last two days in London have been so nice- the weather has got very warm (well for me +15 is VERY warm, yesyes -> I come from Latvia and currently there is like -25C, so it’s warm for me -.-) and sunny. Just want to wear shorts and small blouses (though I guess it isn’t that good idea yet- at the moment I am dressed like that and am freezing, because, DOH Agnese EVENINGS, NIGHTS ARE STILL COLD. Yeah. 😀 My friday night and talking to myself in library and writting essay, I’m very mega super cool. Not even talking about listening to ‘lonely playlist’ in I should really go back to my essay on: ‘Are categories like ‘race’, ‘tribe’ and ‘ethnic group’ natural entities?’ woo.

So yeah, I’m going to share some of my favourite things in life at the moment:

who wants to quit school and go there with me? —>

kira maintanis arttt.

golden pants. GOLDEN PANTS.


weird dreams who look like the house in the picture.

‘cool story bro,can you tell it again?’

—————————————————-have a good night. 😀

Much love,






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