Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our much appreciated crowd of followers!

We hope you have all had splendiferous holidays.  Our holidays were balancing around these kind of emotions:


We are gradually integrating ourselves back into Goldsmiths life. We are doing this by sitting in an arty warehouse and drinking Sainsbury’s Basics Table Wine.

We have  got loads of groovy and cool plans for the new year! We have planned things like………………………… T SHIRTS!!!!! NEW POSTERS!!!!! Just simply- we would like to take over the world.

I (Issi) will also be Wired Radio’s very own Social Networking Co-ordinator.  I (Agnese) says hi.:D

Anyways, pals, we are going to be drinking more of the basics table wine, see you on Friday on Freshers Fayre, and A L S O, we mighhtttt be broadcasting a very very very special show on this day, so please, check out http://www.facebook.com/groups/159772070731304/ Cats on Toast for LIFE facebook group. xooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxoooo


Agnese and Issi.

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