Helloo everyone.

It’s the second of November already, and it feels so weird, because seems just yesterday it was summer, July and August, heat, rush, nervousness about the new university year, etc. I don’t know why, but have never liked summer. Always have associated it with apathy, hating the heat and wanting to stay indoors, while ‘everyone probably’ is having much more fun. Yeah, I sound like such an optimistic person, sorry dear reader, and double sorry if you are a hardcore summer fanatic too. Think have always liked Autumn and Winter the most since I remember myself. At home, in Latvia, I live next to two parks with old big trees, and it’s always so beautiful when leaves change colors, or when it’s snowy, the trees are holding piles of snow, the parks looks like fairytales. Everything always looks so atmospheric, the colour changes, the quiet winds, cold, dark sky, it always makes me so happy when am at home, the park trees stand there as they have since I’ve lived there. Makes always rethink of the things that are happening and that seem so important at that current moment, how maybe silly the worries or anything is, etc. Silly.:) (very tired Agnese’s blabberings)!

So love this song, they played it as the first song at Bestival this year, it was so beautiful, always reminds of autumn as well. I don’t know, is it only me, but Autumn makes me want to listen to very dreamy music? Watch dreamy films, read dreamy books, drink tea and be sad and happy and sad and happy. I wish my mood wouldn’t change so much, one minute I want peace and quietness, in other, wish would be travelling, etc.

After last weeks Glitter theme, I think this week we will be having ‘Dreams’ theme on our show. Think dreamy, autumny films – Sofia Coppola (<3333333) haha:

and of course:

Or if you have patience, check out Tarkovskii’s ‘Solaris’ it’s very long, but great for autumn:

Talking about Virgin Suicides film, also one of my favourite blogs: writes much about dreamy, teeny, pastel things. I just want to be Tavi! So beautiful and so inspirational. I think I’m going through the post teenage years, when I want to dress up school girly type, with pleated skirts, blouses. Maybe I am just compensating that as I wasn’t really a girly girl in high school, never wore any skirt/dresses/girly stuff lol.

Anyway, this blog entry has turned into a very long rambling about autumn and my personal experiences :D, sorry! Me and Issi we will try to make a very nice program for Thursday’s show. Please listen to it and let us know what you’re thinking. 🙂

Okies,good night everyone and we will keep updating everything.

P.S. and a niiiiiice dreamy, autumny song 😀

Much love,

Ag xxx

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