Hi everyone, thank you for visiting our site!🙂

We are Issi and Agnese, presenters and producers and of Goldsmiths, University’s of London  best show in 2010./2011. –  ‘Cats on Toast’ – the radio show you can hear every Thursday 4pm – 6pmYou can listen it here:  http://wiredradio.co.uk/ 🙂

Quoting the Goldsmiths twitter: ‘‘Cats on Toast’ best named Wired show?” 🙂

The theme of our show is fun mixtapes; eclectic music to soundtrack different moods, feelings and experiences. The aim is to present an interesting mix of the things currently affecting the lives of ourselves and our fellow students, for example: Hangover,  I hate revision,  Yay Ben and Jerrys is on offer in Sainsburys! and many more.

Wonder why the cats and the toasts? The answer is very easy – we love cats and also – the toasts! Mmmm. Cheese toast. Random = good.

Hope you will like what you hear!


Some brief facts about ourselves:

  • Agnese -> Anthropology student, from cold Latvia, favourite musicians: M83, Sigur Ros, David Bowie, many more. Quite random and usually changing her mind about every possible thing. Her personal blog: http://timetopretendx.tumblr.com/
  • Issi -> English student, from Bath (Barrrrth), West country-side. Unhealthy interest in Belle and Sebastian (ALWAYS PLAYS THEM). Crunchy peanut butter > smooth.


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