Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our much appreciated crowd of followers!

We hope you have all had splendiferous holidays.  Our holidays were balancing around these kind of emotions:


We are gradually integrating ourselves back into Goldsmiths life. We are doing this by sitting in an arty warehouse and drinking Sainsbury’s Basics Table Wine.

We have  got loads of groovy and cool plans for the new year! We have planned things like………………………… T SHIRTS!!!!! NEW POSTERS!!!!! Just simply- we would like to take over the world.

I (Issi) will also be Wired Radio’s very own Social Networking Co-ordinator.  I (Agnese) says hi.:D

Anyways, pals, we are going to be drinking more of the basics table wine, see you on Friday on Freshers Fayre, and A L S O, we mighhtttt be broadcasting a very very very special show on this day, so please, check out http://www.facebook.com/groups/159772070731304/ Cats on Toast for LIFE facebook group. xooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxoooo


Agnese and Issi.



I. Am. Obsessed.

I know smoking is bad for you and all but this is a very, very sexy video. And the song has been following me around for days.

See also ‘A Chore’.

TTFN Cats on Toastians, I’m off near here on Tuesday.



Handstands and icecream.


Greetings Cats on Toast listeners / readers!

How are you? We hope you are well and enjoying sufficient amounts of cats and toast.

Our show is on hiatus at the moment as Wired are not broadcasting over the summer, but fingers crossed we will be back with you in September in some shape or form.

Agnese and I are on summer holidays. She is back home in Latvia and I am working in a shoe shop / lazing in London. I am currently staying at a friend’s house, which is great as she has a cat called Epping (after the tube station) and a 1950’s film projector. We play board games and watch Made in Chelsea.

The laugh at 0.13…

I thought I would make a list of some nice things to do around London when it is sunny.

Take a picnic to Regent’s Park. The picnic must include cold cider. It is a beautiful place to spend time with friends, and stays open till late. Here are some photos of when I went with the girls I’m staying with, handstands after cider were fun.

Sit by the window in Foyles cafe. It is full of super attractive bookish people and you can watch life go by on Charing Cross Road. Also, free wifi.

Get a snog from Snog. Ludicrously named frozen yoghurt place in Soho / Covent Garden, but they are delicious. Perfect on a hot summer’s day.

People-watch in Trafalgar Square. Spare a thought for the slightly rubbish performers who even the tourists don’t give money to. Eat ice cream.

– And finally one I really want to do but haven’t got around to yet; take a dip in one of the outdoor pools in London. This one looks lovely: the Kenwood Ladies Pond .

I have made a summer playlist. A collection of songs I have been listening to recently, which I’m hoping I can use as a musical time capsule to take me back to this summer in later years. Listen on Spotify if you like.

>>>>> summertime2011 <<<<<

Lots of love,





Hello, hello, hello.

After quite a long time of not updating anything in here, have finally decided to write something here. You know, when you’re too woried about various stuff + essays + exam preparations + loads of stress + anxiety = too ‘full’ head of concerns,  you can’t write anything, or think about anything else apart of the problems, feel miserable and just want to hide away from everyone.  Hopefully don’t know the feeling (but can understand the point). Anyway, now, when looks that there might be a hope of sorting out stuff and life, can write a little life update.

The first and the most important thing is:


Me and Issi were and are so happy and proud!

Like who would have thought that our giggly, not serious, talking nonsense and playing odd mix of songs would win an award! 😀

Thank you so much everyone who voted for us! It means so much to us and hopefully we will be able to continiue ‘Cats on Toast’ also next year!

Looking back to how we started the show, I think it was a mix of us trying to have fun and gain experience. I personally just wanted to do random ridiculous stuff, have nonsense themes and ‘weird’ music – to like have something that wouldn’t need  explanations, but would be just fun thing to do. Like the most important to me was to have fun with the show, nothing else. And thinking back now, I think it was quite cool that our ‘Cats on Toast’ wasn’t too serious. Hopefully if you listened, you had fun and the show made you relaxed.:)

issi and me slightly drunk at the awards. Slipgoldsmiths nominated us also for being ‘the most wasted at student awards’ haha. http://slipgoldsmiths.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/2011-student-awards-results/ [more on awards]

and our awesome award! 😀 So cool!! 😀

Big, big, big thanks to everyone again for listening our babbling and hope you had some good time listening!! :)))

Other exciting thing is:  This blog now is also featured on Goldsmiths blog page!!! Wohoo!! 😀 http://www.gold.ac.uk/student/blogs/

Scroll scroll and there we are! 😀 Might look a bit weird with our picture being the only with cats ears and stuff haha. And I am a bit (QUITE) embarassed of what I wrote in my answers to the questions,  sound so cliche, should have thought more on what I write as always meh!

But once again, we are so proud and happy that Goldsmiths and the people who listened approve our blog and show, means a lot to us, we are so happy to have a good feedback!:)) Feels like we have contributed something to goldsmiths!:D

Some pictures of our time with ‘Cats on Toast’:

and our one and only guest we had:D I’m sure you shouldn’t ever play ball at so small studio with expensive equipment, etc, etc 😀

hi, Annette! 😀

Also, what was our secret of having random ‘Meow meow’  sounds during the times, when we got a bit bored? It’s here! http://meowmania.jqln.org/

And also, we want to say thanks to Kelly and Alannah for creating jingle http://www.myspace.com/mulledice/music/songs/CoT-jingle-short-attempt-sans-wine-mp3-77411083 wohoo! 😀

Other thing that was so exciting was poster making! During the time I heard lots of people noticing the posters and questioning why they have such particular pictures! 😀

our first baby poster

as you can see, my paint skills were in full when i made them! 😀

Okii, I’ll finish now talking about our show, but thank you for the third time in this post to everyone who spared time to check ‘Cats on Toast’! 🙂


What happened in my life that was quite exciting —- I turned 21. 21.  21! I know – so old, such a big number. I still feel like an imature child, trying to get away from anything that is with responsibilities etc. Guess have to change that soon. :[ But 21. Such a huge number.  Had rather nice birthday celebration, at Greenwich park, with cake and drinks and nice people. Couldn’t afford to do anything more, but was so sweet and felt and feel so grateful and thankful for everyone who congratulated and remembered me. Means lot to me, especially if I have been so moody and unsociable recently because of my problems. Was nice and won’t forget.:) The nicest birthday suprise was the ticket to Toro Y Moi gig (I am lame and so obsessed now with ‘Underneath The Pine’ album)! Thank you all the lovelies for remembering me.:]

Some of the things I like at the moment:

…Always and forever ^

pavasarī pēc pulksten desmitiem ziemā daudz ātrāk
debesis dievam a3 lapa
proporcionāli viņa rokām protams

ar otu melnu ar dzelteni bālo punktus ieliek kad
pārāk daudz krāsas otā tā krīt
atsitas pret svētceļnieku basajām kājām

un tad dažreiz kāds maigi aiz
klāj acis ar lielo klusumu kas pārņem griestus un
virs tiem debesis tik sarkani melnas ka
dievu vairs neredz


6 music, grumpy people, libraries, early mornings.

Okii, will stop my ramblings here and will go back to essays. 😀 Good luck with essays and exams everyone!

Much love x

p.s. new harry potter trailer!!


// Issi //


Yesterday we did a show about A N I M A L S. We talked about weird animals, our pets and how they died, and Wayne’s World. I hope I’m selling this to you. If you missed us you can download the show at this link:

>>>>> http://rapidshare.com/files/450315405/CATS_ON_TOAST_WEEK_4_28.02.11.mp3



Run DMC – It’s Like That

Belle & Sebastian – Dog on Wheels

Neon Indian – psychic chasms

Eels – Novocaine for the Soul

Wayne’s World – Party time! Excellent!

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Magnetic Fields – Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits

The Fall – Cyber Insekt

Mr Scruff – Fish

Teen Daze – Let’s fall asleep together

Iggy Pop and the Stooges – I wanna be your dog.


This week we discovered the wonders of the Mousedeer, thanks to lovely Sofia Linden.



Here is the bit in Wayne’s World that makes us laugh. WATCH IT. And wish that you had long hair.

This is neither cats nor toast related but I just HAVE to inform you all of this fantastic news. ADAM AND JOE ARE RETURNING TO 6MUSIC!!!



And with that I shall bid you goodnight. Lots of love xxx

OH and P.S.! If you haven’t already, and you would like to, vote for us here (in the student media section ) 🙂


Reading Week.



Wazup peeps.

Hope your reading week has been good. For non Goldsmithers – Reading week is week off the uni here at Goldsmiths, when you’re supposed to do work, before handing the essays in the next week or something like that! This week Cats on Toast had no show because of that, but on Monday, it returns, with amazing theme: ANIMALS. Yes!

[because that is what I’m doing – watching that at 9:58pm in library..]

Anyways,  I saw a really cool article about the alternatives on what to do and see in London.


I personally liked the most and will go there in future:

The Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park, seems like a beautiful place and definitely have to go there if you have the same feeling like me: missing nature, some fresh air and just want to see something different than every day life. At the moment I have that feeling when every day is the same, every day is like one long day without end, just like some song on repeat for hours, days and months. Actually, some week or so ago, when I was going to coursemates place, in a bus to there (somewhere in Peckham), I saw really cool park with a small lake (?), looked very nice. So if you need some bit of the nature and don’t want to go to Greenwich or anywhere else, but closer to New X (if you live here of course), go there!:D Last two days in London have been so nice- the weather has got very warm (well for me +15 is VERY warm, yesyes -> I come from Latvia and currently there is like -25C, so it’s warm for me -.-) and sunny. Just want to wear shorts and small blouses (though I guess it isn’t that good idea yet- at the moment I am dressed like that and am freezing, because, DOH Agnese EVENINGS, NIGHTS ARE STILL COLD. Yeah. 😀 My friday night and talking to myself in library and writting essay, I’m very mega super cool. Not even talking about listening to ‘lonely playlist’ in stereomood.com.:D I should really go back to my essay on: ‘Are categories like ‘race’, ‘tribe’ and ‘ethnic group’ natural entities?’ woo.

So yeah, I’m going to share some of my favourite things in life at the moment:

who wants to quit school and go there with me? —>

kira maintanis arttt.

golden pants. GOLDEN PANTS.


weird dreams who look like the house in the picture.

‘cool story bro,can you tell it again?’

—————————————————-have a good night. 😀

Much love,








Hello, hello reader!

Hope you have had a good week and this Sunday evening isn’t too bad.  For me this week has been pretty okayish I guess and wow, our Cats on Toast is nominated for the Student Awards 2011! Thank you Goldsmiths! That is pretty awesome considering the fact that our main aim is not to take the show too seriously, but have fun and hopefully make it also interesting to listen for others. So – thank you again for like nominating us!:-D

Tomorrow’s show theme is….. *drum roll* ….. anti Valentines day! How original yesyes. To me personally Valentines day doesn’t mean anything really. I don’t hate it or love it, I guess it’s nice that there is one special day when it’s dedicated to celebrate love and what not. But on the other hand, like everyone else always says- who needs a special day to show your love and so on if you can/could do that every day. But of course, it’s kind of nice that there is this especially dedicated day to celebrate it. I don’t even know what is my point. Yeah. Anyway, been looking for the songs to play tomorrow and as a result I’m listening to the songs of the time when I was like 12-15:

(2001 Tom Delonge 4 ever and ever!!!)

Didn’t they tour now and so? My teenager’s dream would be fulfilled to see them live!:D

The times when every girl in school tried to look like her. 😀

and of course the times when I had huge obsession of placebo. Still love them so much! Have seen them live three times, but still the ultimate favorite is 2006 (?) Latvia’s gig when me and my friend queued outside the venue since 6 am to be in the first row (where in the end I wasn’t, because some big girl pushed me out haha). Placebo’s music pretty much sums up how I was like few years ago, probably the most influential band/music in my life so far.

So interesting that people can find their comfort, etc in music!

This week also went to Larry Clark’s (“Kids” 1995) exhibition’s opening ‘What do you do for fun?’ at the Simon Lee Gallery with Goldsmiths Photography society and it was so interesting and inspiring! It’s on till the 2nd April and would really suggest to go and see it.

‘Larry Clark holds a seminal position in American photography. Widely known for his treatment of teenage sexuality, violence and drug use, Clark’s contentious photographs and films are simultaneously unimaginable and unforgettable. This exhibition presents new collages as well as classic works for the first time in the UK.’  http://freeartlondon.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/larry-clark-what-do-you-do-for-fun/

More information: http://www.i-donline.com/i-spy/larry-clark-what-do-you-do-fun

On Friday went to really awesome punk band’s from Brooklyn – Japanther’s gig organised by Upset The Rhythm ( http://www.upsettherhythm.co.uk/ ) Quite long time hadn’t been to a gig where it was so much of energy, joy and so on (my English is so limited boo). People were dancing on the stage around the band and moshing, and despite me having a bad day, I was so happy after the gig. Definitely check them out, they were really really cool! http://www.myspace.com/officialjapanther 🙂

Hope you have a good next week and of course -> listen to Cats on Toast tomorrow at 5 pm. And from tomorrow you will be able to see the new posters of our show, so have a look and if you see some really weird poster saying something about cats and toasts, you know it’s us!:D

Much love and chocolate. xx