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Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your Reading Week was alright! This week the show is back with theme ‘Inspirations’.:) Films, music, birds chirping, wind, rain, films, food, etc etc. We will be talking about all those things and from this week the show will have couple of new and exciting things! Pssssssssssssstttttttttttttttt, will be told in show, so listen!:)

At the moment I’m avoiding going to lecture to study on my essay due in few days, but now am even avoiding the essay meh. So tired. Wish I could be in bed now with hot tea. Mmmmm, tea.

Me and Issi later are going to Washed Out gig, so hopefully it will be good too. —————–> Washed Out:

Some inspirations:

ag xx




Hello, hello, hello.

After quite a long time of not updating anything in here, have finally decided to write something here. You know, when you’re too woried about various stuff + essays + exam preparations + loads of stress + anxiety = too ‘full’ head of concerns,  you can’t write anything, or think about anything else apart of the problems, feel miserable and just want to hide away from everyone.  Hopefully don’t know the feeling (but can understand the point). Anyway, now, when looks that there might be a hope of sorting out stuff and life, can write a little life update.

The first and the most important thing is:


Me and Issi were and are so happy and proud!

Like who would have thought that our giggly, not serious, talking nonsense and playing odd mix of songs would win an award! 😀

Thank you so much everyone who voted for us! It means so much to us and hopefully we will be able to continiue ‘Cats on Toast’ also next year!

Looking back to how we started the show, I think it was a mix of us trying to have fun and gain experience. I personally just wanted to do random ridiculous stuff, have nonsense themes and ‘weird’ music – to like have something that wouldn’t need  explanations, but would be just fun thing to do. Like the most important to me was to have fun with the show, nothing else. And thinking back now, I think it was quite cool that our ‘Cats on Toast’ wasn’t too serious. Hopefully if you listened, you had fun and the show made you relaxed.:)

issi and me slightly drunk at the awards. Slipgoldsmiths nominated us also for being ‘the most wasted at student awards’ haha. http://slipgoldsmiths.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/2011-student-awards-results/ [more on awards]

and our awesome award! 😀 So cool!! 😀

Big, big, big thanks to everyone again for listening our babbling and hope you had some good time listening!! :)))

Other exciting thing is:  This blog now is also featured on Goldsmiths blog page!!! Wohoo!! 😀 http://www.gold.ac.uk/student/blogs/

Scroll scroll and there we are! 😀 Might look a bit weird with our picture being the only with cats ears and stuff haha. And I am a bit (QUITE) embarassed of what I wrote in my answers to the questions,  sound so cliche, should have thought more on what I write as always meh!

But once again, we are so proud and happy that Goldsmiths and the people who listened approve our blog and show, means a lot to us, we are so happy to have a good feedback!:)) Feels like we have contributed something to goldsmiths!:D

Some pictures of our time with ‘Cats on Toast’:

and our one and only guest we had:D I’m sure you shouldn’t ever play ball at so small studio with expensive equipment, etc, etc 😀

hi, Annette! 😀

Also, what was our secret of having random ‘Meow meow’  sounds during the times, when we got a bit bored? It’s here! http://meowmania.jqln.org/

And also, we want to say thanks to Kelly and Alannah for creating jingle http://www.myspace.com/mulledice/music/songs/CoT-jingle-short-attempt-sans-wine-mp3-77411083 wohoo! 😀

Other thing that was so exciting was poster making! During the time I heard lots of people noticing the posters and questioning why they have such particular pictures! 😀

our first baby poster

as you can see, my paint skills were in full when i made them! 😀

Okii, I’ll finish now talking about our show, but thank you for the third time in this post to everyone who spared time to check ‘Cats on Toast’! 🙂


What happened in my life that was quite exciting —- I turned 21. 21.  21! I know – so old, such a big number. I still feel like an imature child, trying to get away from anything that is with responsibilities etc. Guess have to change that soon. :[ But 21. Such a huge number.  Had rather nice birthday celebration, at Greenwich park, with cake and drinks and nice people. Couldn’t afford to do anything more, but was so sweet and felt and feel so grateful and thankful for everyone who congratulated and remembered me. Means lot to me, especially if I have been so moody and unsociable recently because of my problems. Was nice and won’t forget.:) The nicest birthday suprise was the ticket to Toro Y Moi gig (I am lame and so obsessed now with ‘Underneath The Pine’ album)! Thank you all the lovelies for remembering me.:]

Some of the things I like at the moment:

…Always and forever ^

pavasarī pēc pulksten desmitiem ziemā daudz ātrāk
debesis dievam a3 lapa
proporcionāli viņa rokām protams

ar otu melnu ar dzelteni bālo punktus ieliek kad
pārāk daudz krāsas otā tā krīt
atsitas pret svētceļnieku basajām kājām

un tad dažreiz kāds maigi aiz
klāj acis ar lielo klusumu kas pārņem griestus un
virs tiem debesis tik sarkani melnas ka
dievu vairs neredz


6 music, grumpy people, libraries, early mornings.

Okii, will stop my ramblings here and will go back to essays. 😀 Good luck with essays and exams everyone!

Much love x

p.s. new harry potter trailer!!